CBK DNA 25 Competency Assessment


DNA 25 indicates your development of 25 personal skills that contribute to superior performance in many jobs.

The purpose of this Assessment is to provide insight into the most personal skill criteria for the position. Managers or leaders are encouraged to discuss the results of the report with new hires and incumbents to enhance their understanding of performance expectations. The information in this report is particularly valuable to organizations in the following Human Resource activities BUILDING COMPETENCY PROFILES OR MODELS DESIGNING PERFORMANCE EVALUATION PROCESSES ASSESSING TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT NEEDS DESIGNING SUCCESSION PLANNING PROCESSES DEVELOPING BEHAVIORAL INTERVIEWS Information in the report is based on an objective analysis.

Download a CBK Advising DNA 25 Sample Benchmark Comparison

Download a CBK Advising DNA 25 Sample Report Gap

Download a CBK Advising DNA 25 Sample Report Multiple Respondent