DISC Behaviors & Driving Forces Re-Certification


Driving Forces: Date TBA & Behaviors Re-Certification: April 26th ($100 discount) $890.000

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Behaviors (DISC)

DISC gives you the universal behvioral roadmap to understanding exactly how someone’s behavioral traits compliment or clash with others on your team. The 4 main behavioral styles are:

• Dominance



• Compliance

This report reveals how to speak to their style, how to tackle any conflict issues, and uncover their unique abilities.


Driving Forces

Uncover their primary driving forces and how that changes where they thrive on your team.

 Knowledge (Instinctive vs Intellectual)

• Utility (Selfless vs Resourceful)

• Surroundings (Objective vs Harmonious)

• Others (Intentional vs Altruistic)

• Power (Collaborative vs Commanding)

• Methodologies (Receptive vs Structured)