• Merideth Creecy, Human Resources Director
    I have had the privilege of participating in several programs facilitated by Karen and always find them to be educational, interactive, and very pertinent to my job as the HR Director for Family Care Partners.  
    Merideth Creecy, Human Resources Director
  • David Wagner
    "Through Karen's coaching and team building workshops, I have seen marked improvement in my Chief Clinical Officer and multiple director level leaders."
    David Wagner
    Florida District Chief Operating Officer at Kindred Healthcare
  • Anthony Tabbak
    “Karen is an incredibly talented and technically savvy HR professional with a strong commitment and passion to serving her clients’ needs and inspiring their teams to success. She is specialist in assessment techniques for hiring and team building.  Her workshop ‘ Advanced Buyers’ Signal’ designed to help sales individuals and teams learn how to identify and work with different behavioral styles to increase customer relations and close more sales is one among the best training class I have taken.  Karen enthusiasm is contagious and an asset to those around her. She is quickly trusted by all who meet her and because of that she can leverage relationships and drive results in her field.  I look forward to collaborating with Karen more in the future.”
    Anthony Tabbak
  • Branan Ward
    "I highly recommend CBK Advising to any business owner who would like to improve their skills in communication with others and more effectively communicate with their team. I met Karen Nutter years ago and decided to join her Mastermind group for business guidance. This group continues to inspire me and help me make better business choices. The Mastermind Group also allows me to give input to other participants. Karen is extremely insightful and gracious and I highly recommend her, CBK Advising and particularly the Mastermind Group!"  
    Branan Ward
  • Barbara Trapp
    CBK Advising’s mastermind group helped me recognize DISC styles at work with, and between my peers. Our different styles helped us get feedback from all perspectives. We bonded and also became more accountable to each other throughout the year. With CBK Advising's guidance and advanced facilitation skills, they were able to support our growth as successful business owners. They let nothing slip in our communication and participation within the group. This made for great group dynamics.
    Barbara Trapp
  • Kelly Moore
    CBK Advising is one of a kind. I had the privilege of recently attending their Buyers Signals workshop. There were so many great takeaways in just a couple short hours. By implementing their techniques, I made a sale (within a week of attending the workshop). CBK Advising is compassionate and truly cares about helping people maximize their potential. I would highly recommend everyone attend their workshops.
    Kelly Moore


I believe that the more we understand ourselves, the better we are at engaging with the world around us in a positive manner.

Using Emotional Intelligence as a foundation, every person has the capacity to develop the characteristics and skills that help them achieve success. When we recognize our weaknesses and where they come from, we can adjust our behaviors to create a more compatible environment. When we realize our strengths, we can maximize their effects in every area of life and use them to propel us forward.

My goal is to guide people, teams and cultures towards their highest potential by helping them connect their emotional intelligence to their behaviors, motivators, and individual competencies. When each person operates at their best, every group/team/organization does, too.