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Karen and Katie are both wonderful, personable people who are obviously very knowledgeable in this field. I participated in her DISC and Motivators session as well as her 8 Factors of Engagement session - both of which were very insightful and helpful, not only in understanding myself, but also in understanding my coworkers and the dynamics of the company. I highly recommend taking part in these sessions - you will learn a lot!
Response from the owner: Anna, thank you for the kind words. We love what we do and people like you make it even more meaningful!
Katie provided exceptional support in refining my resume, optimizing my LinkedIn profile, and preparing me for interviews. Her personalized 1-on-1 guidance helped me stand out among other applicants, and within just two weeks, I received multiple job offers. I'm incredibly grateful for Katie's dedication and expertise in helping me land my dream job!
Response from the owner: Thank you Kyle! We enjoyed partnering with you. Good luck in the new role, they are lucky to have you! Your positive mindset and strategic sales background will lead to continued success. It was great working with you and we look forward to supporting your continued success.
Katie from CBK Advising recently visited Beaches Rotaract and led a communication workshop! She included examples and best practices to keep in mind when communicating with potential buyers. Her presentation was visual and interactive. She incorporated her expertise in sales leadership throughout the workshop with mini-case studies and group input. Our Rotaract group is so grateful that Katie came to visit us and teach our group! She was a huge hit and the club appreciates her!
Response from the owner: Thank you Emma for partnering with CBK Advising! We enjoyed working with you. It was such an easy experience partnering with you as the Professional Development Chair. Look forward to working together in the future!
Working with this agency has been transformative to my business, I greatly appreciate all of their insight, feedback and training that I have received from Katie McCollum and Karen Nutter. I have seen a direct increase in sales and overall client experience through their continued dedication and education. I can not express my continued appreciation and gratitude. Thank you so much ladies for everything!
Response from the owner: Balina you’re such a great client to work with. Keep up the good work.
As always, Karen brings an amazing energy to all that she does. Her knowledge of the DISC content is vast and her delivery ensures that every participant is fully engaged. Our team retreat was greatly enhanced by having Karen there. Thank you!! 🙌🏼
Response from the owner: I loved working with your team Frances! What a great group. You are an amazing leader!
Karen Nutter brought an out of the norm perspective on who I am and how I react with those around me. I can definitively say she has made me a better leader and person both professionally and personally throughout our time together. I’d recommend her services to anyone trying to do the same.
Response from the owner: Jonah you are already a good leader and with our time together your communications based upon your DiSC profile are only going to get better constantly. Please stay in touch!
Karen was absolutely fantastic to work with during our leadership program. She has a vibrant and enthusiastic presentation method that captured 100% of my attention. The depth of behaviors and emotions she was able to assess in our short time working together was incredibly helpful and insightful. I would highly recommend Karen with CBK for anyone in leadership looking to improve their communication and/or rapport with clients, colleagues, employees, or even personal connections.
Response from the owner: Thank you Kate! You were such a wonderful participant engaging with the training of behavioral styles and emotional intelligence. I’m so excited we are going to do some additional work together one on one.
Karen is phenomenal! She spoke at Beaches Rotaract in front of over 50 young professionals about their different communication styles and on leading with empathy in business. Everyone is still talking about her and I know I've skipped years of trial and error from her wisdom!
Response from the owner: Alex, you are far ahead of most at your age. I'm so happy you enjoyed my nuggets of wisdom on empathy and behavioral styles. Hope to see you soon and speak at Rotaract again. You serve as a wonderful leader to that group and an authoritative but engaged President!
Star stage presence, wise, engaging and presents information that is easy to digest and remember, Karen is fantastic! I had the pleasure of listening to Karen present twice for the Rotaract Club of Jacksonville Beaches and safe to say I'd love to listen to her a third (and fourth, etc)! Karen spoke on the importance of knowing ourselves and those around us better to improve connection -I had no idea about the four behavior types of people! All of the insights and tips were awesome. Thanks a lot Karen!
Response from the owner: Sean, thanks so much for the kind words. You make speaking easy because of your quality participation. Hope to see you again soon!
Working with Karen in one of her Mastermind Groups, with its emphasis on DISC, has helped me to better recognize the communication styles of my clients, and team members allowing me to better serve their needs. As a bonus, I’ve been able to apply these same concepts to better communicate with my wife as well as other family members.I strongly feel that Karen’s leadership and the insights of my fellow group members were instrumental in helping me to reassure and guide my clients through a tumultuous year.
Response from the owner: Thank you Michael for the kind words. It was so wonderful working with you. You were such a viable group member and your clients are so lucky to have such a caring person taking care of their finances and future.
Karen is an incredibly talented and technically savvy HR professional with a strong commitment and passion to serving her clients’ needs and inspiring their teams to success. She is specialist in assessment techniques for hiring and team building.Her workshop ‘ Advanced Buyers’ Signal’ designed to help sales individuals and teams learn how to identify and work with different behavioral styles to increase customer relations and close more sales is one among the best training class I have taken.Karen enthusiasm is contagious and an asset to those around her. She is quickly trusted by all who meet her and because of that she can leverage relationships and drive results in her field.I look forward to collaborating with Karen more in the future.
Response from the owner: It was so great to have you participate in my workshop. With your expertise in CFO Services, you added great insights to the participants
Karen Nutter has been my business coach for many years and has helped me to work ON my business as well as IN my business. Last week I took a workshop with her on buyer signals. The skills that she passed along in that class are invaluable. She has given me tools to help every personality type with the style, vocabulary and understanding that will help me, help my customers. Karen's knowledge, professionalism and delivery is all top notch. I encourage everyone in the business world to consider taking this workshop. These are not just business skills, these are life skills that Karen has given me. Karen, I cannot thank you enough!
Response from the owner: Joanie, it’s a pleasure and honor to help you in your business. Honestly, it’s easy to work with Top Producers like you. Your clients are lucky to have an advisor like you.
The content is useful, and holds value... but Karen is the true gem here! What a coach! Can't wait to start implementing what she has taught me 😊A true game changer.
Response from the owner: Jacob, you showed up at Buyers Signals workshop as a “coachable” participant and will soar with your new learnings. Hope to see you in another workshop!
Response from the owner: Thank you Tetyana for the stars!
Karen is one of a kind. I had the privilege of recently attending her Buyers Signals workshop. There were so many great takeaways in just a couple short hours. By implementing her techniques I made a sale (within a week of attending the workshop). Karen is compassionate and truly cares about helping people maximize their potential. I would highly recommend everyone attend her workshops.
Response from the owner: Thanks so much Kelly for your kind words! You were like a sponge and I know if you continue to apply what you learned you will exceed all your goals
Karen Nutter’s mastermind group helped me recognize DISC styles at work with, and between my peers. Our different styles helped us get feedback from all perspectives. We bonded and also became more accountable to each other throughout the year. With Karen’s guidance and advanced facilitation skills, she was able to support our growth as successful business owners. She let nothing slip in our communication and participation within the group. This made for great group dynamics.
Response from the owner: Barbara, it was great having you in the group and so inspiring to see your business thriving even more than at the beginning of the year!
She is fantastic!
Response from the owner: Thank you Bill!
I highly recommend Karen Nutter for any coaching needs you or your company needs. She is professional and has an excellent work ethic
Response from the owner: Thanks Caroline!
Karen is a trusted mentor and coach. I highly recommend her and I know she will help you too!
Response from the owner: Thank you Samantha!
Karen Nutter is an amazing person and great coach! She truly cares about her clients and their success! High character and high ethics!
Response from the owner: Thank you Randy! You're a trusted friend...
Karen Nutter is an amazing coach! She understands sales people and focuses on how to improve their closing percentage and the experience they provided to their clients! If you're in sales, you MUST call Karen!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Stephen for the kind words!
Karen is awesome and has helped me immensely with growing my business. I’ve utilized her for private coaching, a mastermind group, and attended her Buyer’s Signals workshop. All excellent. She’s a good listener, empathic, and intuitive. I’d give her more stars if I could.
Response from the owner: Joanne, you’re too kind. You’re such a good client and willing to try things and implement them. It’s a joy working with you!
Karen has been a game changer for me personally in helping me identify and understand my emotions and the impact they have on my relationships personally and professionally.The CBK Certified DISC Facilitator training has enabled me to assess my leaders and help them understand themselves as well as how they can interact with one another and our clientele. In addition to that, as I grow my coaching practice, the assessment tool has afforded me the opportunity to reach and help more people than I could have ever imagined. I am forever grateful to Karen!
Response from the owner: Laura, you’ve made so many strides to excellence during the years we’ve worked together. Your coaching business is going to soar by using the assessments.
Karen is a wonderful soul and she knows what she is talking about! I took a class with her and the Artifex Gutter installation team did as well; since we took her class our sales have more than doubled and we are booked into the middle of April! Thank you Karen for making us comfortable and teaching us new ways to talk to people in order to make them more comfortable as well. We all can’t wait to find out even more!
Response from the owner: Thank you Margaret. You and your team were awesome to work with and I love hearing about the progress you’ve made.
I met Karen at a networking event. After being reluctant to pay for coaching over the years, she has helped me organize my daily routine and focus what is important and what is not. Highly recommended, cause we all need a little bit of help!
Response from the owner: Thanks Matt!
I highly recommend Karen and her style of coaching. Karen and her Team are truly first class, always being genuinely dedicated and committed to the success of those they coach. Karen consistently goes the distance to make sure she has a deep understanding your needs, whether it is on a professional or personal level. I highly recommend Coaching by Karen! I'd give her a solid 10 out of 10 Stars if Google would allow!
Response from the owner: Thanks Brian and the Team at Microtech for your loyalty and support.
Karen has been an inspiration and a true motivation to me personally and others with whom she has worked in her capacity as an executive coach. She has positively impacted the team dynamics and strengthened professional relationships. It has been a pleasure working with Karen and the awesome Power of E.I.
Response from the owner: Thank you Carlene. I always looked forward to our time together and consider you a friend. The group you lead is phenomenal
Karen did an outstanding job at our hospital by building tools for effective leadership communication. Thank you Karen!
Response from the owner: Thank you Ralph! You're a good leader and hoping you and your team can continue striving towards the goals we worked on.
Karen came to PS27 Ventures during our Leadership Week and gave a presentation on emotional intelligence. Our staff learned the importance of managing tasks to work toward overall goals. Karen also touched on improving mind-body connection through meditation, showing a genuine curiosity for others well-being and being able to sense emotions effectively and apply them to collaboration. The presentation was interactive and memorable!
Response from the owner: Thanks Christine! The worshop at PS27 Ventures was very memorable for me and I still see the participants occasionally and we have shared valued memories and take-aways from that day!
I have been going to Coaching by Karen for almost 5 years now, and besides all the of the growth I've experiencied not in just my personal life but in my career as well, she is the most down to earth, relateable woman I have ever met. She has a demeanor that can put the most restless mind at ease and is always there to help. She offers great classes from management courses through EQ (emotional intelligence) to personal classes and workshops on past present and future situations. If you are curious or even feel the need for a little direction I would HIGHLY recommend Coaching by Karen!
Response from the owner: Thank you Joey. You've come so far its hard to put into words, but everyone in your life comments on your progress and how you are a different type of leader and man. It's obvious to them that we've made strides, together!
Karen is dynamic! She engaged her audience not only with her professionalism but with humor and real life experiences we could all relate to. I learned so much from her Emotional Intelligence workshop at the Jax Chamber. Love this lady!
Response from the owner: Very kind words Holly! I look forward to seeing you in my workshops again because you added so much value...Still want that Purse!! lol
I met Karen a few years back at a conference. She was a featured speaker, and I truly felt she was speaking directly to me. Soon after, I met with her for some coaching. I knew I needed a change in career, and Karen helped me figure out exactly what that change should look like. I have been working with her ever since. Karen keeps me motivated, gives helpful hints, and sincerely wants to see me succeed. I could not imagine being a business owner without her support and guidance!
Response from the owner: Thank you Michelle. You're an inspiration to others wanting to take that big leap and follow their dreams! You did it, and are still doing it daily!!!