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Master Your Mind.

You bring your brilliance. I’ll do the rest.

Join my MasterMind Group and over the course of a year, I will help you:
  • Create a clear vision for your future.
  • Uncover easy ways to increase revenue.
  • Become an effective and inspiring manager.
  • Perfect how to communicate your value propositions.
  • Discover your unique motivators and how they impact your business.
  • Learn to better read, understand, and communicate with prospects, clients, and employees.

  • A collaborative environment. A unique experience

    The MasterMind Group is a year-long program that brings together a small group of highly motivated, business-minded people to learn and grow with each other. It is a supportive and confidential space to discuss your business ideas, goals, and challenges.

    The MasterMind group features:

  • The Competitive Edge Sales Assessment
  • Behaviors & Motivators Assessment
  • Monthly Group Coaching/Facilitation
  • A One-On-One Coaching Session with certified executive coach Karen Nutter

  • Group size is limited to six people to allow for deeper connections and a more personalized experience. Using a collaborative approach to the curriculum, each group creates a unique journey of learning based on member needs and priorities. No two groups are the same.

    Working with Karen

    “Karen has been fantastic! Karen has helped me to understand personality types and how to interact with different types of buyers to close the deal. Knowing how to convey your message in the way your buyer likes to receive information is a real game changer! Karen is high energy and makes learning fun! If you own a business, if you’re in sales, or if you have to deal with anyone in the human race, Karen can help!” Lawrence Johnson

    “Karen Nutter’s mastermind group helped me recognize DISC styles at work with and between my peers. With Karen’s guidance and advanced facilitation skills, she was able to support our growth as successful business owners. She let nothing slip in our communication and participation within the group. This made for great group dynamics.” Barbara Trapp

    “Working with Karen in one of her Mastermind Groups, with its emphasis on DISC, has helped me to better recognize the communication styles of my clients, team members allowing me to better serve their needs. As a bonus, I’ve been able to apply these same concepts to better communicate with my wife as well as other family members.
    I strongly feel that Karen’s leadership and the insights of my fellow group members were instrumental in helping me to reassure and guide my clients through a tumultuous year.” Michael Armstrong

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is this group for?

    Much of the content covered in this group is valuable to absolutely anyone no matter where they are in life or in business. But due to the focus on business goals, dynamics, and communications, this group is ideal for entrepreneurs or business owners with ten employees or less, or who’ve been in business for more than two years.

    What is the cost to participate?

    The cost to join this business-, mind-, and life-changing group is $275/month.
    Payments can be made in monthly installments or you can pay for the year upfront and receive a $275 discount.

    How long are the monthly meetings?

    Meetings will last two hours and will always start and finish on time. We respect your schedule.

    Is attendance required each month?

    We understand that life happens, and things come up, but part of the value of the group is the advice, input, and interactions between group members. Therefore, attendance at each meeting is strongly encouraged. Show up for your group like you want them to show up for you.