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  • TriMetrix EQ


    TTI TriMetrix® EQ examines the behaviors individuals bring to the job, the driving forces that drive them and an understanding of their own emotional intelligence. This report consists of three sciences: Behaviors, 12 Driving Forces and EQ.


  • CBK Stress Quotient Assessment

    $60.00 $39.99

    What is causing their stress?

    Understand your level of stress and what creates it. This report provides a Stress Index Summary and Stress Factors, Stress Symptoms, and Effects.
    This is for ONE Stress Quotient Assessment.

  • CBK DNA 25 Competency Assessment


    DNA 25 indicates your development of 25 personal skills that contribute to superior performance in many jobs.

  • Driving Forces-only Assessment


    Knowledge of an individual’s values helps to tell us WHY they do things.The Motivation Insights measures the relative prominence of 6 basic interests or values that initiate or drive our behavioral style.
    Use this to purchase a single Motivators/Driving Forces Assessment.

  • DISC (Behaviors) Only Assessment


    Understand the “How.” Focusing only on a person’s Behavioral Style, you will learn: How they respond to problems and challenges; how they influence others to their point of view; how they respond to the pace of the environment; how they respond to rules and procedures set by others.

  • DISC (Behaviors) & Driving Forces Assessment


    A great tool to use when hiring or developing members of your team. These combo-assessments will help you understand Why and How they do what they do. This is for a single Behaviors & Motivators/Driving Forces Assessment.

  • Power of EQ Assessment


    EQ-only Assessment. The Emotional Quotient (EQ) report helps identify how well a person is able to manage emotions and impact relationships with others.


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