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Maximize Your Pre-hires' Potential with Our Train the Trainer Course & Earn 12 Professional Development Credits® Through SHRM

It's frustrating to constantly train new employees and deal with the consequences of hiring someone who doesn't work out. Even if an employee has the necessary skills and experience, they may not be a good fit if they don't align with the team or the company values.

But they interviewed so well, what did I miss? Guessing how an individual is likely to behave and communicate in a work setting with no insight into their behavioral and communication styles is just rolling the dice.

This Course Includes:

Interactive Training Support Online

Karen will demonstrate how to utilize the Behaviors (DISC)/Driving Forces/Emotional Intelligence and (EQ) Assessments to secure your next RIGHT hire.

Easy to use modules

Learn at your own pace, even from home!

CBK Advising Facilitator Certificate

Earn a combined total for 12 Professional Development Credits® (PDC) through SHRM, and receive a CBK Advising Certificate as a CBK Advising Facilitator.

Training Materials

You'll have access to materials you can go back to again and again.

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What You'll Learn:

Assess Yourself

Experience the power of the assessments by taking one yourself and getting a debrief of the results with Coach Karen. Each assessment provides incredible insight into our behavior, what drives behavior, and our ability to understand and manage our emotions/reactions.


Learn the assessment tools (understand what they do, how they work, how they’re applied). This is accomplished through modules and a quiz at end of each module. Finally, you’ll have more clarity on how to optimize them for better hiring decisions.


Practice using the assessments so you can be confidently using these tools with potential new hires.


Start using the assessments in the recruitment process so you can bring the right people into the right roles so you can get the best fit for your Organization.

Course Outcomes

  • Earn The CBK Master Certification and Unlock your Hiring potential with Scientific Assessments.
  • Learn How To Get The Best People For Your Team.
  • Earn a combined total for 12 Professional Development Credits (PDC) from the Society for Human Resource Management SHRM-CP® as a Certified Professional, or SHRM-SCP®, as a Senior Certified Professional, and for recertification activities.
  • Learn to utilize:
    • Behaviors/DISC
    • Driving Forces/Motivators
    • Emotional Intelligence (EQ/EI)
    to secure your next RIGHT hire while Earning 12 Professional Development Credits.

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Course Topics:


The DISC assessment is a tool used to evaluate an individual's behavioral and communication styles. It is based on the DISC theory, which suggests that there are four primary styles of behavior: dominant, influential, steady, and conscientious. The assessment is often used to help identify good employee candidates because it can provide insights into how an individual is likely to behave and communicate in a work setting.

  • Motivators/12 Driving Forces

The Motivators/12 Driving Forces is a tool used to understand what drives and motivates an individual. It is based on the idea that people are driven by different needs and values, and that understanding these underlying motivations can help individuals and organizations make better decisions and achieve their goals. The Motivators/12 Driving Forces assessment identifies 12 primary drivers that motivate individuals. This portion reveals what motivates the applicant. Does it fit in your corporate culture? Also reveals how to reward existing employees.

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ/EI)

An Emotional Intelligence (EI) assessment is a tool used to evaluate an individual's emotional intelligence, which refers to the ability to recognize and understand one's own emotions and the emotions of others, and to use this awareness to manage one's own behavior and relationships effectively.

Becoming trained in Behaviors/DISC,  Driving Forces/Motivators, and (EI) assessments  gives your team the knowledge and skills to use this scientific assessment for improved hiring, team productivity, employee development, communication, and more.

Do you have a group of 4 or more who want to become DISC, Driving Forces/Motivators, and/or EQ Facilitators? Contact us to learn about the benefits of being part of the CBK Partners Network, and help your members advance their skills.

Meet The Trainer

Karen Nutter
Karen Nutter is an executive coach, trainer, speaker, and author of the book, “The Power of EQ: Stronger Leadership through Emotional Intelligence.” Karen draws on her expertise as a professional coach and her experience as an Executive Director of a marketing team that served seven counties in Florida and as a Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a human resources firm. Throughout her career, Karen has helped professionals develop their understanding of themselves and others, so they can create rewarding interactions personally and professionally.

Read Karen's full bio here.


  • I had the pleasure of attending the train the trainer 3 science session with Karen Nutter. It was a wonderful two days of learning and networking with new colleagues. Karen was not only informative, she made the learning fun. In addition, the training and videos were realistic to what HR professionals face when working with employees. If you're looking for a great way to understand how to find applicant for a role, communications, how to handle disputes among two colleagues, working with others, you can't go wrong! -Merideth Creecy
  • Karen is a role model to those she trains. Her vibrant energy and knowledge regarding emotional intelligence and the communication skills needed by leaders creates a strong learning environment. She listens well, identifies stake holders, and then customizes an approach for a leader and/or a group. -Jane Dailey President and Senior Consultant JDFOCUS LLC
  • I had the privilege of meeting Karen last year. We had a meeting where she showed her incredible ability to read people's behaviors and motivators (on me of course) and I was very intrigued. I was actually working on improving my ability to motivate team members when I met with her, so the timing was perfect. She suggested that if I really wanted to sharpen my motivational skills, that I should attend her "Train the Trainer" Session on Behaviors and Motivators. I registered for the course without hesitation. The two-day course was well worth the time invested. I could not have been more satisfied with the training, and the presentation of information by Karen was second-to-none. I would strongly recommend this course to any HR Professional or Business Executive looking to improve their understanding of behaviors and motivators, and who are looking to take that knowledge and add it to their professional skill set. -David Yencarelli, PMP, CHST · President/CEO at American Electrical Contracting Inc.


Many HR professionals only use ONE form of analysis (if any). This risks putting each employee in a box and risks misinforming you on a critical hiring or promotion decision! Are you making this mistake?

Our unique COMBINED approach leaves you well equipped with the tools and insights to make the right hire the first time.

Behaviors (DISC)

DISC gives you the universal behavioral roadmap to understanding exactly how someone's behavioral traits compliment or clash with others on your team. The four main behavioral styles are:





This report reveals how to speak to their style, how to tackle any conflict issues, and uncover their unique abilities.

Driving Forces

Unlock their Driving Forces/Motivators which reveals what culture they will feel appreciated in. What motivates their desire to work harder and how to reward them for a job well done. 

Knowledge (Instinctive vs Intellectual)

Utility (Selfless vs Resourceful)

Surroundings (Objective vs Harmonious)

Others (Intentional vs Altruistic)

Power (Collaborative vs Commanding)

Methodologies (Receptive vs Structured)

This portion reveals what motivates the applicant. Does it fit in your corporate culture? Also reveals how to reward existing employees.


1What Is the "Train The Trainer" Model?
The train-the-trainer model is a training framework that turns “recruiters, HR professionals and business owners into subject matter experts who can then facilitate understanding of the assessment sciences. Train the Trainer focuses on training presenters or facilitators, who in turn transfer their learning and new knowledge to their audience. Trainings are tailored to suit each industry and learning ability, while topics such as giving feedback, presenting with confidence and communication techniques equip participants with strong skills to guide their trainees. With Train the Trainer, companies can ensure individuals become informed educators on a variety of topics, ultimately leading to better engagement amongst those who get debriefed and attend team development sessions.
2What is DISC?
DISC is a behavior assessment tool that can be used to understand an individual's communication and work style. It is based on the idea that there are four basic styles of behavior, represented by the letters D, I, S, and C: D (dominant) style: People with a D style tend to be direct, decisive, and results-oriented. I (influencing) style: People with an I style tend to be outgoing, energetic, and optimistic. S (steadiness) style: People with an S style tend to be calm, patient, and supportive. C (conscientiousness) style: People with a C style tend to be analytical, thorough, and detail-oriented. Hiring managers can use DISC to better understand the behavior and communication styles of job candidates and how they may fit into the company's culture and work environment. For example, if a hiring manager is looking for someone to fill a leadership role, they may prioritize candidates with a D style, as this style is typically associated with confidence and decisiveness. On the other hand, if the position requires someone who is able to work well in a team and build strong relationships with clients, a candidate with an I style might be a good fit. Overall, DISC can be a useful tool for hiring managers to evaluate candidates and identify those who are likely to be successful in a given role. By understanding an individual's behavior and communication style, a hiring manager can make more informed decisions about whether a candidate is a good fit for the company.
3What are Driving Forces?
Eduard Spranger first defined six primary types or categories to define human motivation and drive. These six types are Theoretical, Utilitarian, Aesthetic, Social, Individualistic and Traditional. With TTISI's additional insights into Sprangers’s original work, the 12 Driving Forces® came to life. The 12 Driving Forces® are established by looking at each motivator on a continuum and describing both ends. All the twelve descriptors are based on six keywords, one for each continuum. The six keywords are Knowledge, Utility, Surroundings, Others, Power, and Methodologies.   Driving Forces empowers you to build on your unique strengths, which you bring to work and life. You will learn how your passions from 12 Driving Forces® frame your perspectives and provide the most accurate understanding of you as a unique person. Bottom line: what makes each of us want to get out of bed: The DRIVER!
4What are the benefits of the CBK Master certification?
Knowing these 3 sciences will aid in improving the quality of hiring process. It also starts you off on a good foot with the new-hire by helping them understand themselves and the department in which they will work. Culturally, it offers a platform for aiding the whole company to a more unified culture by all speaking the same language. Succession planning questions are more easily answered by these assessment results. In addition, providing team development within departments becomes a much easier task with tools offered such as activities for each science tent cards for desks, name badges, etc.   Comparison reports are easy to use when there is a communication barrier between 2 or more colleagues.

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