"EQ starts at the top. If the leaders have a high EQ and feel secure in themselves, they'll generally hire people who are similar. When company leaders, managers, and employees have high EQ, productivity soars."

Emotional Quotient (EQ) measures emotional intelligence, or your ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. People with a high EQ are generally aware of their emotions and how those emotions positively and negatively affect their behavior and that of others. Furthermore, a high EQ is often reflected in the way a person manages their emotions. In business and all relationships, governing emotions can be a very powerful asset that can increase productivity and success.

  • Raleigh Rand
    Sometimes we see something but we don't have a name for it yet. When the thing gets a name it can become a powerful force for people to step into. EQ was one of those things for me. Now I can put a name to the thing have seen lacking in the lives of otherwise smart and strong leaders...and in myself. I read The Power of EQ last weekend as part of a quest for personal growth. This book is geared in many ways towards team leaders in organizations and corporations and highlights several examples of how Karen Nutter has been a successful facilitator in creating positive change in dysfunctional teams, but the book also speaks to individuals, like myself, as well. I'm on a quest to become a stronger friend, mother, wife, and mentor to those around me. I underlined passages throughout the book and dog-eared the pages as I read it last weekend, and this weekend went back and reviewed those lessons. The book covers so much in a small package. It is worth every penny I paid for it. My favorite chapter is 9: Social Awareness for Leadership, Empathy Means Listening. I highly recommend getting a copy.
    Raleigh Rand
  • Amazon Customer
    In today’s health care industry...The EQ concept balanced with the I Q that that in past was the focus of the selection and trading process fo health care providers is more complicated than we thought.....it’s not just IQ.....
    Amazon Customer
  • Susan Drago
    While you may think you already have plenty of emotional intelligence, "The power of EQ" is masterfully written, and helps you focus on obtaining, or improving such a valuable skill set. I highly recommend this book for people in all walks of life.
    Susan Drago
  • Stefanie Robinson
    • Great Read for those striving to be better Leaders. Easy to Read and Understand. Karen gives practical suggestions that take you step by step in different situations that you may encounter in work and in life to obtain better results.
    Stefanie Robinson
  • Kathy P
    I loved this book. I could see myself in some of the stories but better yet, it helped me to see my employees in a better light. A must read for business owners and managers.
    Kathy P
  • Peggy the Consumer
    This is an excellent first book from a life coach who helps clients learn and use the power of emotional intelligence in their work and in their relationships to improve their lives. Emotional Intelligence, the author points out, can be learned and improved upon; it is as important as IQ in whatever your idea of success may be, and can be measured. These facts alone are very compelling and provide much food for thought. Emotional Intelligence is a Big Topic these days, one that is gaining more and more recognition. There are many credible books by a variety of authors that discuss it from a somewhat academic viewpoint, which is very helpful. But I enjoy the way Ms. Nutter uses a personable narrative to present the components of emotional intelligence and its benefits, citing anecdotes and case studies from her coaching practice. This approach, combined with research based knowledge, helps make the topic a bit easier to relate to for many of us. The author includes some specific advice on how to handle challenging people and situations - not only for those in leadership positions but for those who simply want to be better at understanding themselves and others. Communicating in a way that leads to the most desirable results is something we can all use!
    Peggy the Consumer
  • Adam Rigel
    I think emotional intelligence is a concept that is very foreign to most people but critical to one's success. Karen's book brings to life the affects (both positive and negative) that a person's emotional intelligence can have on one's outcomes. She explains how to identify your weaknesses and better yet how to improve on them. Emotional intelligence is not a skill you are either born with or not. It is a developed skill that you can improve on constantly and your success will grow with these added skills.
    Adam Rigel

The Importance of EQ in Business