8 Tips For Taking The Hectic Out Of The Holidays

8 Tips For Taking The Hectic Out Of The Holidays

8 Tips For Taking The Hectic Out Of The Holidays

Stress-free hectic holidaysAre you excited about the holidays, or does it seem like one very long month of stress? Apparently many writers feel unsettled this time of year because I have seen several articles with tips on how to stay calm, stress-free, balanced…. Rather than suggesting you read them all, I decided to condense the tips that were most repeated, or, which I happen to like the most!

Don’t let the hectic holidays get to you – try doing as many of these as you can, and enjoy the season!

  1. Do not take on any new tasks if you can’t keep up with what you have right now. Delay them until the New Year. Always use this time of year to wrap things up and clear the way for new things in January.
  2. Organize your tasks by organizing them into A-B-C-D categories. (Download the Time Management Tool to help you with that.)
  3. Make sure you take care of yourself. Yes, there is much to do but if you don’t get enough rest, eat right, and have fun you will wear yourself down and make yourself sick.
  4. Acknowledge at least 5 things you accomplished this year.
  5. UNPLUG! Turn off your technology the day of and day after each holiday. Give yourself a break from emails, the Internet, and text messages.
  6. Do something nice for someone else. It will make you both feel good and that will spill over to others around you. There are several ways to do something nice – it doesn’t need to be a grand gesture.
  7. Do something just for you. You need and deserve something to look forward to so plan an activity that will make you smile.
  8. Don’t let it get to you. When it all seems like too much, stop what you’re doing, close your eyes and remember that very few things are as serious as they seem. Do what you can, don’t sweat what you can’t, and focus on the good things in life.

These are the holidays – time for remembrance, reflection, rejuvenation, and renewal.