Assessing Your Self-awareness

Assessing Your Self-awareness


I always thought I was pretty self-aware, but after becoming a coach and focusing on emotional intelligence, self-awareness took on a whole new definition, especially after being introduced to research-based assessment tools.

My first assessment gave me such a detailed description of my behaviors, motivators and skills, that it felt a little intrusive – like someone looked inside and saw the real me. Needless to say, that can be a bit uncomfortable, especially when the report pinpoints areas that are a challenge to me. This experience has helped me guide clients through their assessments while easing their concerns and even the embarrassment that some people experience.

The TriMetrix Assessments we offer look at a variety of behaviors, motivators, skills, and/or emotional intelligence to help identify how these factors influence decisions, communication, and even one’s value to an organization. But, many people shy away from expanding their self-awareness for fear that it’s mumble jumble used by people like Oprah and the Dalai Lama. The truth is, self-awareness is very complex, and the scientific assessments we use offer an accuracy of 93%.

Self-awareness is a challenge we should all be willing to take on in order to improve our relationship with ourselves and with others, by working on our weaknesses while embracing our strengths. When you consider self-awareness a part of life’s journey, you open yourself up to continual growth and increased clarity.

So, how self-aware are you – do you really know? Can you see how it may be easier to achieve your goals if you have a better understanding of what makes you tick? Self-awareness brings a conscious understanding of yourself and how you interact with others – in other words, it’s an insight into life, and a little insight can go a long way towards achieving success and happiness. If you’re ready to grow, an assessment is the first step.

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