August Newsletter – New Leader – New Program

August Newsletter – New Leader – New Program

We are excited to introduce our newest team member, Katie McCollum, as the Strategic Sales & Leadership Advisor at CBK Advising. Katie brings her experience in B2B sales and worldwide enterprise customers. She has quickly become an asset to our team, collaborating closely with clients to align their goals and objectives.

With a Bachelor of Science in Communication and a Minor in Business Administration from the University of North Florida, Katie started her sales career selling copiers for Xerox before transitioning to the Human Capital Management (HCM) industry at Paychex. During her decade at Paychex, Katie quickly rose through the ranks from a top-performing individual contributor (IC) to leadership, where she grew the Jacksonville market and created a winning culture. She then gained experience in the start-up world selling to worldwide enterprise customers as an IC, rounding out her experience by building talent strategy and recruiting enterprise sales professionals for tech start-ups.

Katie is a polished public speaker and has received training in Situational Leadership, Franklin Covey Training – Qualifying Opportunities, and MEDDPIC (a technical sales process). In addition, she has received 7 years of 1:1 coaching from Karen Nutter. Katie has recently become certified in Behaviors®, Driving Forces®, and as an Emotional Intelligence Analyst®.

In September, Katie will launch a Sales Mastermind. The Sales Mastermind is an intimate group of top-performing individual contributors that meet once a month for 2 hours via Zoom to fine-tune their craft, collaborate with like-minded professionals, and improve their sales results. The first meeting is September 21st and will meet every subsequent month for five additional months on the third Thursday from 11:30 am EST to -1:30 pm EST with the last meeting on February 15th, 2024.

The Sales Mastermind will include:

Scientific DISC assessment (Behaviors: How you behave on the job) 

Learn Buyer’s Signals of potential clients like you and those different

2 Hours for each session including individual participation as well as training. 

Collaborate with other sales professionals that are top producers in their industry.

Improve Pipeline growth, closing, and negotiation.

CBK Advising Sales Mastermind Group is a powerful tool for helping sales professionals improve their skills and achieve greater success in their roles. By incorporating DISC principles into these sessions, participants gain a deeper understanding of their own behavioral styles and how they impact the sales process. We help you tailor your communication and sales approach to better resonate with your clients and close more deals.

Participants will walk away with:

Tools to apply the science of DISC within your sales process.

The ability to better understand your buyers through science.

Skills to improve your closing percentage.

Attainment of sales goals

Peace of mind knowing you are following a people process.

Relationship with like-minded peers who are on the same mission, and you can call on in-between group sessions.

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The Sales Mastermind group covers topics such as:

Prospecting: how to identify potential customers and reach out to them effectively. We will discuss various prospecting techniques, such as cold calling, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and email marketing, all while focusing on how to use DISC principles to tailor your prospecting approach.

Lead Generation: how to generate leads and qualify them effectively. We will discuss various lead generation strategies, such as content marketing, webinars, and events. We will also focus on how to use DISC principles to better understand your leads.

Sales Techniques: We will cover various sales techniques, including consultative selling, solution selling, and value-based selling, and how to use these techniques effectively with science.

Objection Handling: how to manage objections from clients effectively and how to address them with science. Using science principles, we will explore understanding the underlying reasons behind objections and how to tailor your approach accordingly.


Closing Deals: how to close deals effectively, various closing techniques, how to use them in different situations, and understanding your client’s behavioral decision-making style.

The first meeting is on September 21st!

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