Brain Power!

Brain Power!

Brain Power – Build It!

Lately, there have been many articles posted online about to the human brain, and they really made me think. (Pun statement intended!) We pay a lot of attention to how we look, the kind of work we do, where we live, and who we know. We work out our bodies (hopefully) to keep them in shape and healthy. We pay attention to what we eat – sometimes it’s healthy, sometimes it’s not! But, we really don’t THINK about our brain and what it needs to stay in shape and be healthy. So, I read the articles in hopes of sharing some exciting information. After all, if our brains don’t work, neither do we!

Our brains are bowls of chemical reactions, and to work properly, all the chemicals need to be at the right levels at the right times. When they’re out of balance, we are susceptible to memory loss, depression, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and related issues. Our activities of daily life can affect our mood which can affect our brain chemistry. And, various vitamins and minerals can have a direct affect on how our brain works. In an effort to help everyone avoid Brain Drain, I have summarized three articles to provide you with: 8 Ways To Gain Brain Power!

Brain Power


If you want to exercise your brain and read the inspiration for this list, see these articles: