Confidence: The Success Maker

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. ~Norman Vincent Peale

confidenceI recently read an article on the importance of confidence in meeting goals and finding success, and it really resonated with me. People often ask me what skill, knowledge or activity is most needed for becoming successful, and it’s never an easy question to answer, as there are numerous ingredients that lead to success. As I think about it now, everything points back to confidence.

Knowing what you are good at, your importance in the world, and believing in yourself will take you further than having the best skills and knowledge but low self-esteem. People are attracted to confident people – both in personal relationships and business. As such, having and conveying healthy confidence – NOT arrogance – can provide the energy needed to work harder, work smarter, take risks, and try new things. People who don’t believe in themselves are less likely to truly TRY to succeed, because at a root level they don’t believe they can.

Fortunately, EVERYONE can develop a healthy state of confidence. EVERYONE has knowledge and abilities for which they can be confident, and/or interests that can serve as a springboard to help build them up. Depending on your reasons for lacking confidence, there are two main ways you can build your self-assurance.

  1. Focus on the things you do well, and actively engage in them. If you are knowledgeable on a particular subject, share that information with businesses, groups, or individuals. You can present the information at meetings and workshops, offer a class, or serve as a mentor on the topic. The Internet also offers numerous opportunities to share your knowledge through forums and blogs – all without leaving your home! If you have a skill or talent, get involved in groups that revolve around it. Enter karate competitions, perform at open-mic nights, join a running club – anything that gives you an opportunity to do what you are good at, while enjoying yourself. Allow these things to help remind you of your strengths, and feel good about yourself.
  2. Sometimes, people feel insecure because they are too focused on what they don’t know, what they don’t do well, or what they don’t like about themselves. In these circumstances, the key is to address the challenge head-on, and expand your possibilities. Take a speech class, read up on dressing for success, start a basic workout program, or go back to school. You can overcome whatever it is that heightens your insecurity by facing it, rather than hiding in the shadows of shame.

A little confidence goes a long way, so figure out what zaps your self-assurance, and then start taking little steps to appreciate all you have to offer. I have confidence in your ability to do it while finding success and happiness in the process!