The Currency of Time

The Currency of Time


Currency of TimeEvery week I hear people talk about how “someday, I am going to….” The sentence ends with an array of activities from “write a book” to “travel to Italy” to “go hang-gliding”, and many others.  I love hearing about people’s dreams and aspirations. They get so excited just talking about it that they quite literally glow! Unfortunately, many people never fully realize their dreams. In some cases they run out of time, and some people simply “wish” their life away without actually taking the steps necessary to put their dreams in motion.

I know you have heard this before, but our time here is limited. We never know what tomorrow may bring, or when we will breathe our last breath. I am not trying to bring you down; I just think it helps if we put life into perspective. Time is a currency and we are born with a limited amount of it, yet we never really know how much we do or do not have. With that in mind, we need to spend it wisely.

Every man dies. Not every man fully lives.” Braveheart

So, what would you do if you only had a week to live? Make a list – right now. On what activities do you most want to spend your time? Who do you want to spend your time with?

Prioritize your list and then look at it again. What can you do right now? Of the items that take planning, how are you going to accomplish them? What steps are needed? Spend your time right now doing and preparing to do the things you most desire. When you feel you need more money, self-esteem, preparation, or skill before you achieve your dreams you are simply stopping yourself from living. Don’t do that! Don’t wait until you get promoted, or your exams are over, or your kids are grown. Go after your dreams today because the “perfect” time never comes later, the perfect time is always now.

While we may never truly know why we are here on this earth, or what our true purpose is in the universe, one thing is certain – we ARE here to fully experience life. And, to do that we must spend our time wisely – doing things that bring us happiness as we go after our dreams.

Time is like money – if you don’t spend it wisely, you are just wasting it. Are you sure you can afford to do that?