The Key to Success

The Key to Success

The KEY to Success..

…regardless of your definition of success

So, what one thing could lead to success?  Does it seem too far-fetched that ONE thing could have that much power to lead to success?  Yes, it really does seem that way, but once you think hard about it you’ll see how significant this one quality is and how it can impact any area and lead to success. Once you know what it is, I think you’ll side with me and agree that it is a VERY important component to a successful business, a weight loss program, a friendship developing, an intimate relationship forming, success at developing an attitude change, giving up an addiction, growing a plant, training a dog, raising a child, a cleaning project, building a business, and the list could go on ad infinitum.

You may be asking yourself about now, “is this difficult?”  “Could I even follow through with this – whatever this is?”  You really can trust me that it may take a touch of effort on your part, but well worth it in the end and once you’ve obtained a goal… and when you realize how easy it is to obtain this goal! Whatever your goal is doesn’t matter…consistency

Are you ready for the NUGGET?

Okay, here you go… consistency is the KEY to success!  It’s defined as “conformity in the application of something, typically that which is necessary for the sake of logic, accuracy, or fairness.”  Think about this:  You want to lose ten pounds by January 1, 2015.  With regular exercise and eating correctly, or even consistently eating better, your chances are far greater of obtaining your goal.

So, what my client was referring to when he asked what makes me successful was very simply – my CONSISTENCY.  He said, “you schedule our appointments for the month ahead, you rarely have to switch the appointment times, you always send a confirmation email 2 days prior to my appointment, you’re regularly on time and rarely keep me waiting,  I always receive an email receipt of my credit card charge,” and then he went on and on.  He then said that because of this, it makes him feel very safe with me and it gives him a sense of “comfort” because he always knows what to expect.

Consistency is the key to everything from raising children, managing staff, achieveing your goals, or even training a dog. Yes, that’s right – dog trainers and child psychologists say that CONSISTENCY is the key to having a good dog or raising a good child! Consistency creates guidelines for each, identifies consequences,  and helps them know what to expect. A dog knows if he jumps on someone it will result in a scolding.  Most dogs aim to please their owners, and if the owner is consistent with discipline and accolades, then the dog knows what to expect – which creates this safety that they appreciate.  The same holds true for children in the case of bedtime, chores, manners, etc.

So, in terms of the business environment, if you’re in sales and need to reach a quota, staying on task with a certain number of sales calls everyday, making sure you’re continually adding new potential clients to the “pipeline,” and constantly seeking new referral partners are all ways to CONSISTENTLY get more sales. If you’re a department leader, manager or business owner, CONSISTENCY is vital. Handling employees in a fair and consistent way for raises, probation, sick leave, and promotions are all ways to give the employees a huge sense of comfort and stability. Growing a business is no different. Being CONSISTENT in marketing, sales, and providing quality customer service on an on-going basis are critical to a business succeeding. When these aren’t done on a consistent basis, one by one things start to fall by the wayside and business will start dropping. It may not be seen over night, but as time goes on, it will be noticed and the success of the company will suffer tremendously.

This also applies to the mood of leadership. If the mood of the leadership flounders where one day they come in yelling and the next day whistling Dixie, it will create a  tumultuous environment. Employees will start to look elsewhere for employment and after time, this affects the company bottom line. Each new employee can cost a company 2 times what their salary is.

Now, how about relationships? Being in a fairly good mood really helps. However, there will be days when you are just in a bad mood or having a bad day, thats okay – just try not to make a habit of it, and remember to apologize. How about if you’re constantly meeting your wife or significant other and showing up late, or making promises to see a certain Broadway show, go to a football game etc. and not following through?  This creates animosity and resentment and sets the relationship up for failure.

Being CONSISTENT in every area of life is far better than the consequences of inconsistency.  So, go ahead and try it!  Just for this week, be consistent and see if your whole personal and professional life goes better.  Give it a try, what can it hurt?