Live a Life of Passion

Live a Life of Passion

Live A Life of Passion – Others do, you can, too!

Is your life lacking passion? Not that kind – the other kind. The passion for living! You know the kind – the passion that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning to see what happens next! You see people who live a life of passion –  How did they get it? More importantly, how do YOU get it?

Live a life of passionThe answer is so simple, it will surprise you…

The way to awaken your passion is to do something you feel passionate about.

People who follow their passion never work. The reason they don’t work is that they love what they do so it never seems like a chore. The hard part for most of us is finding where our passion lies. This can take time, but that’s okay. The time it takes to find your passion is time well spent. So, spend a little time answering these questions to help you identify your passion:

  • First, look at what you do on a daily or weekly basis. What do you do to reward yourself?
  • What do you look forward to doing?
  • What is it you would do even if you didn’t have to?

Start there. Quit putting it off. Quit using it as a reward. Just do it! If you’re lucky, you have just
found your passion. But it may not be that simple. Maybe you always knew you liked to walk or read or work out, and even though it is pleasurable, you aren’t passionate about it. That’s okay. You are on the right track!

Now comes the challenge. Now you have to do some research. Now you have to quiet those voices in your head telling you what you should do, what you have to do, what you ought to do. Those are the voices that have kept you busy and confused for too long. Acknowledge them, but do not give in to them. You are not looking to keep busy. You are not looking to get by. You are looking to LIVE LIFE WITH PASSION!

Passion ignites motivation and the desire to seize each day. Start journaling your perfect life and read it out loud to yourself, or create a vision board of your perfect life –

  • What would you do if you could do whatever you wanted to do?
  • What do you do just because?
  • What do you do that makes you feel more alive?

That is where your passion is. Do more of whatever it is that makes you smile and you will be on the road to living your life with passion. How? You just do it.

If you are not there yet, don’t worry. There are other ways to find out what gets your motor running – read a book, take a class, take a trip. If that doesn’t work, find a coach. There are many coaches, counselors and therapeutic tools available to help guide you along the path. The point is to realize that you have a choice.

You can live a life that is ordinary, uninspired, or you can live a life of passion.
Which life do you want to live?