Post Election: Get A Grip

Post Election: Get A Grip


Americans are waking up today to a new President. Some people are happy and excited, while others are angry, scared, or stunned. Regardless of which candidate you voted for, the facts remain that every President brings change, and change is difficult for most people. So, how can you utilize higher levels of your Emotional Intelligence to create a more harmonious atmosphere for the people in your company and surroundings?

  1. Expand your self-awareness. Self-awareness is taking inventory of how you feel inside, and recognizing how those feelings can affect others. Whether you are feeling angry, happy, or scared, it’s important to first identify how you feel so you can then understand and organize your response to those feelings.
  1. Flex your self-regulation muscles. Whether you are feeling angry or ecstatic, how you manage your feelings and actions not only says a lot about you, but can have negative or positive affects on your circle of influence. Don’t let what you feel dictate how you act. Focus on creating a positive atmosphere, “be the change….” Nobody really knows what the future will bring, so saying and doing anything combative isn’t an effective solution for anyone.
  1. Put yourself in their shoes. Empathy goes a long way towards building bridges instead of chasms. You do not have to agree with everyone, nor do they have to agree with you. But, put yourself in their shoes and act in a manner that at least shows respect for someone else’s viewpoint. The benefit of living in the United States is that everyone has a right to their opinion. Don’t take the opinion of others personally, and don’t force your beliefs on other people. Everyone has different experiences and reasons for their beliefs, if you walked in their shoes, your outlook may be different from what it is now.
  1. Remember that the only thing you truly have control over is YOU. What you think, how you feel, and how you act is all in your control. Sure, there are outside influences, but YOU determine how to handle them. You may not be able to change the outcome of the election, but you can decide whether to make this the worst thing ever, or an opportunity for positive change – at least in YOUR life. On the other hand, you may have friends cussing and moaning for the next four years, and while you can’t change how they feel, you can decide whether to be a divisive antagonizer, or a calming, uniting, positive force.

You may love your candidate and believe they have everything America needs. But, few really know the candidates personally, and none of us know what tomorrow will bring. So, we all just need to get a grip and focus on the things we can change – our own attitudes and actions. One thing we don’t need in this country – more discord. Bring forth your best self, and encourage others to do the same – THAT is where the real power is.

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