Career Pathing Tier-3



Initial Session

• A scientific assessment will be provided to help us understand your preferred behavioral style, motivators, and key competencies.
• 1 hour 30 minute debrief session via Zoom to unpack the assessment results.

Second Session “Working Session”

Before the session, you will be provided with a career worksheet to identify what’s most important in a career for you.

During the session:

• LinkedIn updates to create a professional profile that appeals to your desired career.
• Resume review and real-time revisions.
• Learn techniques to be more visible on LinkedIn
• Understand how to differentiate yourself when applying for a role.
• Apply your preferred communication style and motivators to identify the best career.
• Tips to improve your interview skills.

Unlimited Communication & Pre/Post Interview Calls

• Interview Prep Calls.
• Post-Interview Calls; unpack the dialogue and get real-time feedback on areas of opportunity and follow-up best practices.
• Unlimited Access to contact via Text & Email between interviews.