Tomorrow Is Today

Tomorrow Is Today

Tomorrow Is Todaytoday

Sometimes I sit and think about all that I am going to accomplish tomorrow. Not necessarily literally tomorrow, but at least in the future. Like many people, I have goals, dreams, and expectations for my life. And, everyday, I make sure I do something that brings me closer to accomplishing those things. But, there was a time when that wasn’t the case.

There was a time in my life (it seems like someone else’s life now) when I was hoping for good things to happen. Somewhere inside me I believed that someday this one great thing would magically happen and my life would suddenly be great. Sometimes, that one thing was getting a new job, or getting my degree, or finding a new partner in life. Always, this great “thing” was going to make all my dreams come true, and release me from the pain and struggles of everyday life. As time went on, I got new jobs, got my degree, dated nice people, and still my life did not magically become perfect.

Or, did it?

Somewhere along the line I realized that I am responsible for accomplishing my goals, dreams, and expectations. While other people may be able to guide me, and provide some inspiration and/or encouragement, they cannot make my life better – but I can. I realized that while tomorrow does bring a fresh slate on which to create something new, or accomplish something wonderful – so does today. Today has everything tomorrow has because today was once tomorrow.

When that realization truly sunk in, it energized me. It made me realize that everything I need is right here for me right now. Not tomorrow – Today! What I do today, sets me in motion for what will happen tomorrow, and the next tomorrow, and the one after that, and….

While family, friends, and society may have opinions, only I determine how acceptable my life is to me. Only I can make the changes, do the work, study, practice, or whatever is needed to accomplish my dreams. And, so long as I take responsibility for ME, and do what I KNOW I need to do in order to make my dreams come true, I am making good use of today, and tomorrow.

My dreams WILL become a reality, because I am working towards them every day. And, while life may not always seem perfect, those “imperfect” times are full of growth and learning – and in that there is perfection. If you’re thinking, “that sounds good but…seriously, Karen?” Once upon a time I thought that, too. But, trust me – when you take responsibility for your life, and start working towards your dreams every day, you start to see that the “bad” times aren’t so bad. They can still be frustrating, but knowing that you are still moving forward towards your personally defined “great life” makes everything easier to handle and accept.

So, don’t wait for tomorrow, it’s already here. Make a list of what you want in life, and then identify what you can do today to move yourself closer to your dreams. Do those things, get a good night’s sleep, and tomorrow, do more things that will bring your goals closer. Repeat every day. Stay on task, have fun with it, and remember – Tomorrow is Today, and everything you do today brings you closer to your dream of tomorrow.

So, what are you going to do today?