What do THEY think of ME?

What do THEY think of ME?

If you are a manager or leader, do you know what your direct reports think of you? 

Or is it painful to think about? 

It does not have to be…

What can an OD/360* survey do for my organization and its leaders?

Our organizational 360* surveys allow for staff to give feedback to leadership on the organization, or on a specific leader’s performance.

Our Organizational and 360* surveys are anonymous, allowing the employees to provide feedback to leadership without fear of repercussions. The survey link goes to the leader to self-evaluate and the direct reports for their evaluation. It’s usually around 25 to 30 questions with Likert scale selection for choosing the appropriate answers.

This can take about 2 to 3 weeks for us to gather the information and compose a report that is fair but offers opportunities for improvement.

For leadership: 

  • The surveys allow leaders to better understand how their decisions are affecting morale
  • Offers areas in which they can improve
  • Makes them aware of how they are perceived versus how they think they are perceived
  • With CBK’s assistance and gentle coaching, its possible to raise leader awareness. Often leading to better results and improved morale

For direct reports:

  • Feel heard without repercussions
  • Often, perceive the leaders have changed just by being able to express views in this way
  • Attitude may improve because perception is… “the company cares”

Finally, we have a one-on-one session with each leader/manager to review the results and look for opportunities for growth.

We hope to achieve a better perspective, honest feedback and improved morale. CBK’s experience is that leaders are pumped to realize “it’s better than they thought!”