What’s with all this “mindfulness?”

What’s with all this “mindfulness?”

Are you mindful? What does that even mean? Mindful individuals pay attention. Some may interpret this as “getting things done,” but mindfulness also means “being present.” Are you aware of how mindfulness can help you as a leader?

Attached is a link that was especially profound to me, and it says “Stop the glorification of busy.” It makes us feel important to be busy, and there is a certain satisfaction that goes along with a finished to-do list. Show your team (as a non-leading member or a leader) how to be present. Be genuinely happy and possess a calm, attentive attitude and you will feel much more successful than running around worried whether everything will get accomplished.

Deepak Chopra posted an article on LinkedIn about attention, saying that we pay attention to what we desire: if we don’t really know what we want, we cannot lead a lifestyle of mindfulness, can we? To resist distractions like Facebook, text messages, emails, or The Housewives of Whatever-City introspective evaluation of what we want each day might be beneficial. In doing this, we increase our ability to live simply and peacefully. Ask yourself, “What do I want today?” and go get it.

The best way to get what we want is to think of “what we want.” Which is very different than “what we don’t want.”  When we say, “I can’t lose weight” or “I can’t get my employees to be on time” we create negative situations instead of creating a more positive outcome.  I’m sure you’ve heard, “you are what you eat,” “and “you are what you think!”  These simple statements can apply to most things, and when our thoughts and actions are positive we create an idyllic scene around us. Our aura becomes filled with inspirational positivity.

Here is a better way of thinking to create “mindfulness” around us: “I can inspire my employees to become respectful of timeliness” and “I feel great making healthy choices, regardless of my weight.” Understand and respect the impact your thinking can have on the people around you. You can make a difference today.

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