What’s Your EQ?

What’s Your EQ?

The definition of EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is the ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions to facilitate high levels of collaboration and productivity.  Can emotions occur without expressing them? It can be difficult to self-regulate under stressful situations, but 90% of the difference between star performers and average performers in senior leadership is Emotional Intelligence. It’s not general knowledge, but it takes our bodies approximately 4 hours to recover from negative thoughts. There was a wonderful article in Time Magazine that stresses “New brain research suggests that emotions, not IQ, may be the true measure of human intelligence.”  Read the Article From Time Magazine Here

Because EQ is so important to understand about oneself, and vital for managers to know about their staff, during July I’m offering this assessment FREE with a paid coaching hour. This is an offering for individuals and corporate teams. This is an incredible tool since it is the thing that separates the more successful people from the mediocre. AND the good news is that “with coaching” your score can improve in the weaker areas.

What's your EQ?With EQ training, you and/or your employees will develop the skills and knowledge to better understand friends, family, customers, and co-workers; how to manage their
expectations, and ultimately meet their needs. TTI Emotional Quotient is available as a stand-alone report, or integrated with Behaviors and Motivators in TTI TriMetrix® EQ.

Studies have shown that salespeople and customer service agents who have undergone EQ training:

  • develop more accounts,
  • have higher sales,
  • deliver strong customer service, and
  • realize better customer retention than those who have not.

The Emotional Quotient report looks at a person’s emotional intelligence, which is the ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions to facilitate high levels of collaboration and productivity. The report was designed to provide insight into two broad areas: Intrapersonal and Interpersonal emotional intelligence.This report measures five dimensions of emotional intelligence:

1. Self-Awareness: knowing your feelings, strengths, weaknesses, limits, good sense of your self-worth and capabilites
2. Self Regulation: ability to control or redirect disruptive impulses and moods and the propensity to suspend judgement and think before acting.  How do you keep emotions and impulses in check?
3. Motivation:  a passion to work for reasons that go beyond money and status and a propensity to pursue goals with energy and persistence.
4. Empathy: the ability to understand the emotional make-up of other people.  Are you able to sense and develop others needs and help them bolster their abilities? 
5. Social Skills: proficiency in managing relationships and building networks. Are you able to listen openly and send messages?

If you’re willing to look at your EQ (Emotional Intelligence), contact me and let’s get started and you may find out you are more stable than you thought  😉