Suggested Reading: Why We Believe What We Believe

Suggested Reading: Why We Believe What We Believe



Why We Believe What We Believe: Uncovering Our Biological Need for Meaning, Spirituality, and Truth By Andrew Newberg, MD

Why We Believe What We BelieveFrom the insightful author of Why God Won’t Go Away, Andrew Newberg, MD reveals his follow up book of Why We Believe What We Believe written with fellow author Mark Robert Waldman. This book could not have been titled better using brain scans, research, case studies, personal anecdotes and cultural comparisons; this book provides an enjoyable novel that is intelligently written.

Together these authors challenge the norm and question how each individual develops morals, philosophies, superstitions, religions, and even how we can remember events differently then how they occurred, or even if they occurred at all.  This in my opinion is not only a must read because it bridges science, philosophy, and religion, but is also shows us how our own events can be manipulated by our brains. If that is the case we can learn to change how we approach the world seeing beyond prejudice, cultural constraints, and a binary-like world. We can learn to grow once we see the world with all of its complexities, and really discover how we are molded through our memories and beliefs.  Thus we really can change or improve upon the aspects of ourselves, that we as individuals wish to develop.

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