Why we procrastinate…

Why we procrastinate…

Are you doing mental gymnastics with yourself on a daily basis? Don’t even want to start THAT project? Can’t even imagine how you will do it because you have so many other things to do? Do you even clean out drawers to avoid it?  What is going on?

It’s not hard…It’s not the enemy…. but it sure feels like it!

Why do you think you procrastinate?

The things we avoid can give us clues as to where our insecurities lie. For example, someone recently wanted me to answer some questions using MP3. I’ve never used an MP3, so I’m writing this, washing my car, emailing long lost friends, brushing my dog, and on and on just to keep from doing this project.  Also, I am techno-challenged, so the task seems very daunting! So what happens next?

As a result, I go to bed thinking about this MP3 thingee, and then I wake up thinking about it, and I’m thinking about it right now! Oh my goodness, because it is out of my comfort zone I just keep putting it off, and I spend LOTS of time thinking about it without actually DOING anything! I’m acting as though this MP3 thingee has a cancer… yes, I just avoid it like the plague.

The reality is, it is probably easier than all the other things I’ve put in line before it!

Can you relate to this? If so, when you are resisting starting a job, a project, or task it is usually because of an insecurity you feel relating to it. So, what is the best thing you can do? Think about it and try to identify the insecurity that is stopping you. THEN, put the task at the TOP of your list and move forward!

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