Why You Need To Give Back To Move Forward

Why You Need To Give Back To Move Forward



By Executive Coach, Karen D. Nutter


As we approach the kickoff to the holiday season, it’s a good time for all businesses to take inventory. I’m not talking about counting everything in the stock room, or double-checking your financials, this is a time when business professionals should be looking at how much they are giving back to the communities, corporations, and people who support them.

It’s easy to get caught up in a busy daily life where we take for granted the multitudes of people who help us through the day. The school crossing guard. The teller at the bank. The custodian who empties your trash every night. The web gurus who keep your computer network running 24/7. The hospital staff who take care of your community all day, every day. I could go on and on, but I am sure you get the picture.

While it may not be feasible to continuously give back to every person and business keeping you on track, studies show the benefits of giving back are worth your investment of time, money, and skill.

Business Benefits of Giving Back
Whether you take time to volunteer at a homeless shelter, serve on the volunteer fire department, or sponsor a community fundraising event, the benefits to your career and your company may surprise you.

  • Builds A Better Reputation – People and businesses who invest in their community are found to have a better reputation than those who don’t. Part of the reason for this is that community members and professionals get to know you, and when you’re doing something for others, it shows character that others appreciate.
  • Increases Respect – It is inspiring and uplifting to see a leader who gets in the mud with everyone else in order to do something good. People who give their time and energy to a good cause gain respect from both their community and their employees/co-workers.
  • Engages In Diverse Relationships – When you get out of your standard routine you are open to meet new people, from other walks of life and experiences. This opens you to a whole new group of people to connect with, and that can not only broaden your experience but also your network.
  • Builds Stronger Communities – The more people invest in their community, the better chance it has of prospering. And, when your community prospers, your business is likely to succeed, too. Whether you support the local Habitat-for-Humanity, or a community health clinic, the resources you invest help create a better place for everyone, and lead to a stronger economy for all.
  • Engages Employees – Engaged employees are happier at work, which makes them more productive and more loyal. An engaged workforce helps you attract and retain high-quality candidates, which bolsters recruitment and retention. Make giving back a TEAM activity and see how it breaks down barriers and builds up morale and teamwork!



A little time or money given regularly can really add up and make a HUGE difference in the world. Whether you give because it’s the right thing to do, or give because you recognize how beneficial it is to everyone involved, find a positive way to contribute that upholds your personal and company values, and see how it impacts your life. If everyone gives back, we all get ahead!