Nutters Nuggets

September 25, 2016

Be Proactive

Do you consider yourself a proactive or reactive person? When your life isn’t everything you want it to be do you blame your childhood, your genetics, […]
October 3, 2016

Where to begin

Not sure where to begin your new life/project/goals? Stephen R. Covey says to “Begin with the end in mind.” How can you get where you want […]
October 10, 2016

What’s On First?

Do you have your “To Do” list written for today? If so, what’s on first?  In Dr. Covey’s book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” […]
October 16, 2016

Are You A Win-Win Person?

When working with other people, different companies, or even during your interactions with family and friends, are you a win-win person? Do you generally believe there […]